Personal Tips [4]. Financing your student budget by selling books ?

Well… Unless you wanna keep you books and have spaces to store them, then this blog is not the right one obviously =)

I’m a poor international student and I have to pay for my storage fees every year so yea, “I’m sorry, I love you. We’ve been through a sh*tty time for months and it’s time to say goodbye. Take care, Accounting Txtbook

There are a few things you might wanna know before you start selling you books (based on my personal experience)

1. NEVER SELL IT BACK TO THE SCHOOL!!! They will buy it at dirt cheap price and sell it back as if it was a new one =.=

2. Make sure by the time s1 make a purchase, you’re able to mail it yourself

3. Make sure by the time s1 buy you book, the book is still available and in the right condition you’ve promised to sell

4. Make sure by the time s1 order your book, you can survive without it! ( In case you sell it during your Finals – like me and end up borrowing a friend’s textbook to study =))

:::: I sell my book on

–> Go to: Sell My Stuff (Rright on the top Menu Bar)

because it allows you to list your items for FREE and receive rebates on shipping fees as well :)

If you use ebay, it does charge some frees for you to put up your products

You can set ANY prices/conditions of  your bookBut please be aware of other listings as well since there’re many other people selling the same books as you too.

My tip is that you check the price of the book listed by others, and if you can sell you book in the same catagory (New/Like New/Acceptable) a bit cheaper price then go for it.

*Usually, people are trying to overprice their book in the catagory “LIKE NEW/ACCEPTABLE” which is ridiculous since the BRAND NEW catagory is even cheaper. Don’t just set whatever price you want.

Think as if you were the students shopping for books and you’ll know which price you wanna pay for which catagory.

If you’d like to buy a used book which looks brand new then boom! List you book as “Like New” and set the price cheaper than others! Make sure you’re honest with the quality of the book. Description is extremely important! You don’t shop for those who say “This book has terrible wears on its covers and contains many nasty highlights” right ?

That’s why while shopping for books which later on you know you don’t need them after the course, choose a pretty good one so that you have the advantage to sell them back

:::: There’re a few other options to sell you books as well:

1. Selling back to s1 in your school to avoid travelling time to the post office. Be patient and ask around on Facebook, etc.

2. Trading back to Amazon if don’t want to wait for s1 to buy your book. And simply, you can just drop off at any USPS Drop Off Location. No need to visit the Post office. Note that Amazon determines the price. You can sell on Amazon but like Ebay, it charges you fees to put up your inventory.

Hope that helps! Any suggestions/comments are deeply appreciated !



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