Chinh phục Big4, kinh nghiệm từ tiền bối

Hi các bạn, chị Ngoc Bach, cựu sinh viên Đại học Ngoại Thương, intern KPMG 2015, gửi đến các bạn một món quà nho nhỏ (nói zậy chứ không nhỏ chút nào). Đó là một file tổng hợp quy trình tuyển dụng của Big4, link sách học ACCA và link một số bài báo bổ… Continue reading Chinh phục Big4, kinh nghiệm từ tiền bối


Sưu tầm. Source Link NẾU BẠN THẤY MÌNH GIỎI MÀ MÃI KHÔNG THỂ THÀNH CÔNG, THÌ BÀI NÀY SẼ CHO BẠN CÂU TRẢ LỜI Có lần ngồi nhậu với anh bạn Vũ Nguyên Thành, tôi đã hợm hĩnh hỏi: “Em thấy mình cũng giỏi mà sao không thành công bằng người?”. Tôi nghĩ đây cũng… Continue reading NẾU BẠN THẤY MÌNH GIỎI MÀ MÃI KHÔNG THỂ THÀNH CÔNG, THÌ BÀI NÀY SẼ CHO BẠN CÂU TRẢ LỜI

Có ai thực sự cảm thấy yêu đời không?

Xin mạo muội dịch bài này trên Quora, nơi có những câu hỏi thú vị và những câu trả lời đặc sắc, để mọi người cùng đọc, để ngẫm nghĩ & tiếp tục cho một ngày mới hạnh phúc hơn nhé! . Source: [Quora] Does anybody actually enjoy life? Question: "I'm surrounded by people who claim… Continue reading Có ai thực sự cảm thấy yêu đời không?

Entrepreneur, Fire thyself

When entrepreneurs first start their businesses, they are usually involved in everything: running operations, keeping the books, and making sales calls. But as a company grows, one of the smartest things an owner can do is to fire herself from role after role. Letting go of anything critical to business outcomes is a challenge, but… Continue reading Entrepreneur, Fire thyself

The 10 Reasons Why No One Knows What They’re Doing in Their 20s

COLLECTED. Knowledge for Men   Why is it that asking someone about what they’re doing (or want to do) with their life tend to drag down the conversation. Talk about movies and music, and they’re happy and engaged. Ask them about their ambitions in life, and the light in their eyes goes out. People don’t… Continue reading The 10 Reasons Why No One Knows What They’re Doing in Their 20s

Moving Around Without Losing Your Roots

Big questions always strike unexpectedly, when our guard is down. I was watching my toddlers splash in the pool last summer when a fellow dad plunged me into revisiting the meaning of home in a globalized world. He didn't mean to. He just asked where we were from. "We live in Boston," I started, "but… Continue reading Moving Around Without Losing Your Roots

And it’s alright to be vulnerable…

It was the first time ever in my life that I've seen an American guy, with clumsy hair, muscular body shape and chiseled face, suddenly cry in front of the whole class. He was talking about his disabled mother, answering a typical mock interview question :"Tell me a little bit about yourself" I'm not writing… Continue reading And it’s alright to be vulnerable…

When Goals Are Important & When They Are Not

People have all sorts of clever words to describe what they want to do: Objective. Target. Plan. Endgame. Outcome. Goal. If you know me, then you know I used to be The Goal Guy when I was the corporate world. I had financial goals, health goals, sales goals, vacation goals, even consumer-purchase goals (I shit… Continue reading When Goals Are Important & When They Are Not

Perfectionism is a Loser’s Strategy

Ocean-Front Writing Yesterday, I submitted an important grant proposal. In a perhaps overzealous interpretation of my adventure studying philosophy, I wrote the bulk of the content on the island of Madeira, in a hotel room overlooking the Atlantic, which turned out to be wonderfully monastic and productive. The process was hard. I probably spent around… Continue reading Perfectionism is a Loser’s Strategy

China, USA :”Let’s Play”

Right in front, the Asian lady with a tattoo on her back is China. On the left, the lady full of concentration is Japan. Dressed at the top looking sideways is USA. Lying rather seductively is Russia. The little girl standing by the side is Taiwan. China "tripled" the Dong tiles (East Winds, this is… Continue reading China, USA :”Let’s Play”

C’mon, Water is Supposed to be Wet!

Has anyone ever said that ? "Water is so wet ?!" Hopefully  no one =]]  YET we do say it in many other cases as I used to think that "Tax disparity is no good" or "The Government shouldn't spend more" You would say "Really?!?!?!" in some kind of shock as I was during my… Continue reading C’mon, Water is Supposed to be Wet!

Rubeniste vs. Poussiniste controversy

A worth reading piece about art for those who deeply engage in the art making process in terms of drawing and painting preference. I'm taking my second drawing class right now as a required course for my Art minor and find this piece so true and interesting. It's so true that drawing is an art… Continue reading Rubeniste vs. Poussiniste controversy


Macro Notes. Random Reading: "Basic Economics" by Thomas Sowell *Note: For those who can find this book to borrow from any library, please do since it explains basic economics terms and issues by MERE WORDS without any graph analysis. It's simple, precise, logical yet extremely interesting. Maybe knowing a lil bit about its author, Thomas… Continue reading THE FALLACY OF COMPOSITION

April 1st. The Rat Race ends yet… ?

Of course it will never end... even for me, who once already received both acceptance and rejection letters several years ago. I'm not writing for those who got accepted but those who got rejected because you're the bravest soldiers in this world being able to face your deepest pain yet still have to move on… Continue reading April 1st. The Rat Race ends yet… ?

You’re Working too Hard to Make an Impact

Professorial Exodus Living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which I did for many years after college, I learned to recognize a curious ritual. Come June, the academic offices of Harvard and MIT would clear out as a significant fraction of these schools’ professors decamped to New Hampshire, Maine, and, for the more remuneratively famous among them, Martha’s… Continue reading You’re Working too Hard to Make an Impact

All art is quite useless because…

Everyone who has shopped with me all knows that I love random unique ornaments, toys or whatever silly things I can keep and look at it for hours with joy and admiration. Sometimes I keep things that people would throw away like boxes, broken pencil or buy useless stuffs that not many wants to spend… Continue reading All art is quite useless because…

Formal argument vs Persuasive Writing

College writing is really interesting YET hard. Most of the time you'll be asked to write about things that you need to prove profoundly and empirically. What is wrong, Why is it not correct, How is it not right and so on If you suck at writing during middle school or high school, you're in… Continue reading Formal argument vs Persuasive Writing

And so, I have to keep myself balanced…

At different age, people have different worries, regrets and dreams (of courses) but one usually tends to circle around their own issues and gets stuck in their own troubles. Simply, you know yourself best and therefore understand what you're struggling best so why bother thinking about what others are having in their minds. But have… Continue reading And so, I have to keep myself balanced…

Paris vs New York, a Tally of Two Cities

Un match visuel amical entre ces deux villes, c'est le regard d'un amoureux de Paris sur un New York rempli de détails, de clichés et de contradictions : suivez le guide.A friendly visual match between two cities told by a lover of Paris wandering through NewYork. Details, clichés, contradictions : This way, please. le pain… Continue reading Paris vs New York, a Tally of Two Cities