all me.

Every 10 years, I tend to reach new spiritual milestone. So yeah, those names represent the new me every decade.

Thankfully my core values expand, not confuse each other. Adding on top of ego is compassion & empathy. I think I’ve been doing great, especially when Life falls out of my hands.

I blog a lot to entertain myself


I do have one for my depressing self. Not gonna share it here (also not that hard to discover it, but i leave it for my decade-old readers to share rather than me)


Struggling to segmentize which content I would develop. But I alrd bought a domain & play around with alot of set up and content. Most of the time, I would like to explore how each Content Management System (CMS) work.


hell yeah, this one has been re-built MULTIPLE times. It feels like an over-do plastic surgery. Then finally I’ve retreated to a simple version. No banner, less noise, mostly words.

Tumblr (again)

I love travel and dedicated an entire universe of Tumblr portfolios just to visualize my diaries:

Evolving backgrounds

Fintech & Entrepreneurship

Since 2016

I’ve fortunately worked in Fintech product development field since university graduation. Then moved on to many other sectors: Social Enterprise, Automotive Listing platform. I finally conclude the world is hectic and messy everywhere. Room for improvement is massive.

Service Leadership

Since 2010

I’ve been involving and evolving with student community since high school and a decade with service leadership (impacting without entitlement) has made a significant transformation in how I work and live professionally. That’s why I keep sticking with organizations such as VietAbroader & the likes. I get tired too yet amazing people from all walks of life keep me alive & inspired.

Life Motto
We don’t always win. But if we try, we don’t always lose.

I hope you’ll enjoy what I write. Even those some are unpleasant or may dawn your days a lil bit. I’m a very transparent soul.