Transfer 101: The ins and outs of switching schools Filling out college applications the first go-around was probably enough to make you thankful you’d never have to do it again. But if you’re thinking about transferring, get ready for round two.  Whether you are considering transferring for social or academic reasons, before you don a… Continue reading Transfer?

How To Write An Amazing Resume For Your Common App

The resume (aka “brag sheet”) is often overlooked by high school students in the college admissions process. It is simply a summary of your activities and background in high school. It serves a very important role in the Ivy League admissions process. If you want to get into Princeton, you’re going to need a great… Continue reading How To Write An Amazing Resume For Your Common App

GPA Tips

Low GPA? 3 tips on how to get into Ivy League schools by JOHN CHANG Low GPAs are a common problem. You sail through middle school, and then you hit high school. Everything is new, you don’t know where your classes are, you don’t have a core group of friends, and you honestly feel lost.… Continue reading GPA Tips


The Common App has limited space to express yourself. Your only opportunity – outside of supplemental materials – are the essays (both generic and school-specific) that you must write. Here are 5 basic tips to writing a quality college admissions essay for top schools: 1. Market yourself, not a story. What I mean is –… Continue reading ESSAYS Tips

How to get into Wharton, U PENN

How to get into Wharton and the University of Pennsylvania the power of business and international exposure So today let’s talk about what Ivy League schools like in their candidates. It’s no secret that each school prefers a different profile of candidates despite the fact that they do want a well-rounded class. As you know… Continue reading How to get into Wharton, U PENN

Yale Admissions Guide

To get into Yale there are five things that you want to do extremely well Number one: Visit the campus. Ivy League schools, in general, pride themselves on legacies. They are also impressed with people who demonstrate high interest by visiting the campus. This is one of the clearest ways to demonstrate that you are… Continue reading Yale Admissions Guide

How to get a Stanford-caliber letter of recommendation for college admissions

Letters of recommendation are probably the most underlooked (and consequently underutilized) tools in the college admissions process. There’s a fundamental reason why – high school students are afraid of their teachers/bosses/coaches. They’re afraid of asking for what they really want – an outstanding, glowing letter of recommendation that highlights strengths and re-affirms the student’s story.… Continue reading How to get a Stanford-caliber letter of recommendation for college admissions


How to get into Stanford the value of being a maverick and playing sports Okay so now let’s talk about Stanford. Stanford is unique in that it’s technically not an Ivy League school and yet it’s at the caliber of probably the best Ivy League schools in the country. Stanford is different as well in… Continue reading HOW TO GET INTO STANFORD

Harvard vs Stanford

4 Key Different Between HARVARD and STANFORD Harvard is on the East Coast. Stanford is on the West Coast. Harvard is older and more traditional. Stanford is newer and more liberal. Harvard is well-known for its liberal arts and humanities. Stanford is well-known for its engineering and technology. Both are great schools, but which one… Continue reading Harvard vs Stanford

Five last minute tricks to get into Harvard and Princeton

Many of you are lazy and will wait until junior or senior year before starting college applications. It’s a horrible idea. I’m guilty of it as well – that’s what my last minute guide to Harvard and Stanford admissions is all about – how to make yourself sound like a top candidate in the weeks… Continue reading Five last minute tricks to get into Harvard and Princeton

Take a look at Ivies

The biggest secret you will ever learn about Ivy League admissions It’s the stories, not the scores. It’s the stories, stupid. This is one of the biggest secrets that I share in my guide to elite college admissions. Students are doing it ALL WRONG. They focus on the WRONG THINGS – things like an extra… Continue reading Take a look at Ivies

Extra Curricular Acitivities Tips

Why high school summers are crucial to winning college admissions Don’t overlook how important each summer can be to your chances of going to a dream college. Most students flip burgers and work at Gap, but the best students – the ones who get into Harvard and Stanford – fill their summers with extracurricular activities,… Continue reading Extra Curricular Acitivities Tips