Five last minute tricks to get into Harvard and Princeton

Many of you are lazy and will wait until junior or senior year before starting college applications. It’s a horrible idea.

I’m guilty of it as well – that’s what my last minute guide to Harvard and Stanford admissions is all about – how to make yourself sound like a top candidate in the weeks and months that you have left. And if you follow my 5 secret steps below, I guarantee you will have a better shot at Harvard, Yale, or Stanford.

1) Take a deep breath and clear your head, because you’re about to invest more time and work harder than you ever have. You only have weeks and months left – I’ll show you how to use it in an incredibly smart way

2) Be extremely busy in your last summer before senior year. College admissions officers look at this summer very closely to see how you spend your time. What are you really passionate about? MAKE SURE you spend time developing those interests in productive ways

3) If you don’t have a strong GPA or class ranking, you have to start immediately showing improvement. That’s the key. Get good grades in every class. Here’s a secret – take college classes over the summer to show that you can do well on the college level. It’s impressive to admissions committees.

4) Treat the college application like you’d treat your best friend. Spend hundreds of hours writing and re-writing your essays, asking favorite teachers for great recommendations, and writing out supplemental info and descriptions that sound amazing. This is your face to Harvard and Stanford – make sure you look good

5) Think of yourself as a salesman. You need to convince admissions committees that you’re the right candidate. This means showing yourself in the best light possible – highlighting and exaggerating accomplishments if needed

The above 5 tricks will get you to a great start. Focus on telling a compelling life story – since you have little time left, you have to stand-out in an entertaining way. That’s the only way you’ll have a chance at getting into Stanford or MIT. Admissions committees love stories.

Good luck!


Olivia, Peace & The Olive Tree |

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