On food politics

You can hardly observe office politics ‘cause it doesn’t happen in plain sight most of the time.

But you can easily watch food politics reality show just simply by attending one family dinner. The food tells it all. The way it was prepared differently for each member of the house. The way leftover was stored in the fridge for next day use. The way grocery shopping was allocated.

And of course, the way people talk about the members they find distrust & disgust:

⁃ He/she eat lots of sugar, ice creams, cakes. What a stupid habit. Doesn’t he/she look at yourself in the mirror? I disgust.

⁃ Why can’t I cook my own meal? People in this house always think they have the best taste yet the recipes are insane.

⁃ I paid for the groceries and I can’t have a word on what I can eat. WTF

⁃ Simply too much for 4 people. It could feed 15. On day 2, people tolerate to finish leftover. On day 3 everything got thrown away. Feeling like one of those pigs being fed wasted food everyday.

⁃ He doesn’t do grocery shopping in local market and once he does, he got buffalo meat instead of beef steak. Idiot!

⁃ She wakes up early in the morning to prep food and people can’t eat it. No one could eat bitter sour salad + soup full of fat + rice.

⁃ Diet sounds absurd. Five cups of green tea can battle two ice creams, one banana dessert & three bowls of rice.

Well the list is long and this translated version sounds pretty decent & polite to the ears. Parents call each other dog, pig, inhuman creatures everyday. So that they can “chew” each other with their mouth, I supposed.

Food is guilty for flaws in personalities. And vice versa.

I wish I could be born as an Italian salad. Yummy & brainless. But it didn’t happen that way so that’s why I cook often, giving parents less opportunities to argue over THEIR food. If they do, they’ll know who they gave birth to: not-a-brainless-salad-creature.

Luckily, it works.

– Saigon, 22/10/2017


Olivia, Peace & The Olive Tree | www.mstruonganh.com

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