Ordinary in Extra/ordinary/

A Vietnamese FinTech Founder by day and an Artist by Night. And a frequent Social Worker during Weekends. (I do help raise funds to rebuild broken public schools for children in remote regions here.)

This is how to choose to unleash my energy, perspective, and hope about my reality. Life is repeatedly cruel, boring, & out-of-control. But we can make a choice to see it with different angle. In art, in music, in poetry.

Our imagination can heal us all. I hope you might find a shelter for your soul regardless of what you do and make for the world. Just like how I find myself in drawing and writing.

It takes a while to feel young again.

I does take a while to develop my own character as I age and mature with my brush (& my recent Apple Pencil).

Let’s age fine like wine, shall we.


There is always an “Ordinary” in “Extra/Ordinary/”

#mstruonganh #oliuoliustudio

This collection Available in Art Prints at my friend’s Clemente Studio.
They are Hanoi-based yet ship nation-wide.
Check their FB Post Here to support Local Artists

!hot! FOR DIGITAL PRINTS, please checkout my #NFT artwork here: www.featured.market/profile/oliuoliu

Warmrest regards,

_Trường Anh (Olivia)


Olivia, Peace & The Olive Tree | www.mstruonganh.com

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