C’mon, Water is Supposed to be Wet!

Has anyone ever said that ? "Water is so wet ?!" Hopefully  no one =]]  YET we do say it in many other cases as I used to think that "Tax disparity is no good" or "The Government shouldn't spend more" You would say "Really?!?!?!" in some kind of shock as I was during my… Continue reading C’mon, Water is Supposed to be Wet!


Macro Notes. Random Reading: "Basic Economics" by Thomas Sowell *Note: For those who can find this book to borrow from any library, please do since it explains basic economics terms and issues by MERE WORDS without any graph analysis. It's simple, precise, logical yet extremely interesting. Maybe knowing a lil bit about its author, Thomas… Continue reading THE FALLACY OF COMPOSITION

Formal argument vs Persuasive Writing

College writing is really interesting YET hard. Most of the time you'll be asked to write about things that you need to prove profoundly and empirically. What is wrong, Why is it not correct, How is it not right and so on If you suck at writing during middle school or high school, you're in… Continue reading Formal argument vs Persuasive Writing

The reality of wealth

Anh Nguyen Writing from a global perspective Dr. Laura Martin THE REALITY OF WEALTH Does wealth mean that we are rich solely with materialistic possessions, or can we be even richer without them? Can the human race live more civilized when we’re still living under a developing economy with low-quality healthcare, infrastructure or education? My… Continue reading The reality of wealth

The pleasure of pain

One of my favorite paper for the writing course Fall 2011 Anh Nguyen ENG 107 Essay 2 - FINAL DRAFT 7th November 2011 Professor Matto   THE PLEASURE OF PAIN   “Why is grandma still sleeping, mommy ? She hasn’t talked to me since yesterday.” “She’s still dreaming, a long long beautiful dream … dear.… Continue reading The pleasure of pain

My-3rd-100% score-business-assignment

Firstly, thank you, my dear biology-major-roomie (Victoria) and my neighbor living in room 214 (Erica) for their patience to read and correct silly mistakes of every weekly business assgnment of mine.    Every Wednesday I receive my assignment and every Friday I submit my assignment at a super close timely manner via email to my… Continue reading My-3rd-100% score-business-assignment