oliuChào các bạn,

Mình là Nguyễn Bảo Trường Anh | LinkedIn

Hiện tại là cựu sinh viên, tốt nghiệp tại Mỹ (Adelphi University, NY)
Chuyên ngành Quản trị (Management) và Mỹ thuật (Fine Arts)

Các bài viết gắn liền với con người của mình:

Chúc các bạn vui, dễ thương và may mắn!


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2 thoughts on “Anho!

  1. Hi,
    You are the first Vietnamese person I found to study fine arts in the US I just know about you through the VA webinar and find your pages really fascinating. I enjoy both your texts and artworks.Like you, I have interests in the visual arts and stumbled over the high school years. Unlike you, I’m a transfer student and have tough time to choose the school that fits me. I wish to transfer to NY because it’s really the land of arts and culture. I hope you could share with me your application experience and the schools in NY you applied to. I want to go to Bard and will try my best to get in. Hope hear back from you soon!


    1. Hi Tú,
      Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know a couple of friends majoring in Fine Arts in the States. If you want, I will introduce you to them. Personally I love both business and arts yet arts is currently not what I pursue as a career goal but rather than a lifetime hobby. Feel free to email me regarding anything ;) You should visit my school, get to talk the Art department as well as other schools in the city if you got a chance. Good luck with everything ;)


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