Aimless Clicking

By Seth

Wandering around in a digital swamp is a pretty common way to spend an hour these days.

Alas, most of us would never consider doing this in a forest. Walking over to a tree because it looked sort of interesting, standing there for a minute, then wandering away. Tree after tree, for hours.

The thing is, the digital wandering is mostly a waste. It doesn’t free our imagination, it stifles it. It’s as if this digital version of a tree has making us stressed out as a goal…

The next time we consider wasting an afternoon clicking on whatever baits us, perhaps it might make sense going for a walk instead.

Thay vì đi loanh quoanh cả chiều tìm cái gì trên mạng để nhử mình click thì thôi đi bộ thật luôn đi 🙌🏻

(Or still wandering digitally & reading wise words from great Writer 👀 #oops


Olivia, Peace & The Olive Tree |

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