Dual mindsets

Little Girl used to be in the non-profit sector where the main objective is to create tremendous values for the have-nots. We don’t need million dollars to create impacts.

Then moving into the for-profit tech world where big numbers are needed to achieve, then to survive. Million dollars in that world is default to start the conversation of impacts. Team. Infra. Users.

Coming from a place where “never underestimate your impact on just one life” to the other where “a billion dollar market is a default metric” is one hell journey for little girl to digest new principles & meet them all at a crossroad.

But aren’t we all creating values?

Should the two worlds the same?

Sadly not so true.

Real successful ones do create values (Otherwise no one buys)

The rest are bets. Bets made by investors, built upon strategies & tactics blindsided by clueless founding team & confirmation bias.

Best practices are bullshit if we don’t localize and fail to listen to our customers (not other people customers).

It’s funny. The moment we get more money, things likely will go wrong. More validation to the future path yey! Reality & real customers would soon kill that validation. Then we might cover up the growth by acquiring even more irrelevant users. Spending more to acquire & to retain them. Dead-end cycle even when our parents are ultra-rich. But Mom & Dad ain’t that rich (sad) and/or not that stupid not to cut loss, sell out our startup at discounted price.

I had seen numbers go up (users, contract value, product lines) via expensive paid channels & /the/ company was gone. To me, the value created was not impactful enough for the desperate users. Localization was a fight over trust. Who knew which market better? Local team or Regional Headquarter?

I also had seen lives changed after non-profit work I did. Kids went to school we built. Teachers both private & public got world-class trainings. Mentees mature day by day.

But Little Girl is impatient and bitchy. She would like to bring values to the mad world. She might screw up but she loves impacts at scale.

She chooses to twist her minds to exist in both worlds. Maybe in her own world, she could make shiz work meaningfully. Spice up impact making process & make real change to fad-chasing world.

Just like how She can practice her mental exercise with both Spreadsheet & Sketchbook.

Or trying both Savory & Sweet treats in her own kitchen.

In the end, real impacts do matter. Regardless of whatever value creation systems one believes in.

A day when Happiness value is created not by $


Olivia, Peace & The Olive Tree | www.mstruonganh.com

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