On marriage: clueless (yet prep-ed)

Let me tell you in brief that I have no idea what MY marriage life would be. But I think I’m prepared.

I used to have dysfunctional family. I got emotionally abused from Tigress Mom. I got out of it. Then I come back different. My Dad also got out of shiz. Twice. LOL. He’s the perfect example of never giving up on finding his life partner along the way ey. Trial & error.

So perhaps, the way I look at marriage is more practical and survival rather than a romantic concept.

Me being practical is to be with Hubby who has exceptionally high EQ and also survival street smart skill to keep him alive from me. I know I am fortunate to find such a man with 7/10 capability and train him to be 8/10. Which means 2/10 he explodes but that’s okay.

I forgive well. I guess that’s what Dad taught me.
Accept people for who they are. They hardly change.
Either you stay to endure or you leave. That makes Life hella easy and breathable.

Maybe that has helped me go through my breakup quite beautifully. I had a fairy tale 1st love, then it ended.
Others told me Life doesn’t end with 1st Love.
I agree and make friends with Solitude.
My sadness was poetic.

In retrospective, I appreciate my singlehood alot. I grew meaningfully alone. I have the time in the world to travel solo. To Germany. To Shanghai. To Korea. To Thailand. To run out of passport pages. To get lost in places that don’t recognize my face nor speak the language. To be just myself and nobody judges. And to be ready for new opportunities. New Place. New People. New Love.

I marry the guy who I’d never thought I would. Maybe you should follow me and ditch the concept of “NVM I’ll find someone like you”


You find someone completely different please. Otherwise, you fall into same drama.

I like refreshing dramas. I don’t have any doubts on whether these feelings are for the New guy or the long-gone Love.

Then I can be fair to me and my new Love.

I’m happy so far with my choice. Hubby is the only one to suggest me open to my Mom after all the betrayal and lies she did and still does. He’s survived the streets without any college degrees; he prioritizes what matters most better than me. I value trust. He values blood. I observe new perspectives from him and at the same time He swallows his ego for me.

It’s never a Love-at-1st-sight. We all work at it.

Hubby never cooks but he washes the dishes. That makes him better than most Billionaire. When He left the dishes dirty for 03 days, I made him buy a Dish Washer. So, really it is the Dish Washer that helps sustain a happy relationship. =)

“Have fun before it gets crazy.”

So should you. Swipe Right More ey?

My 1st love was a Fairy tale which ends beautifully with Grace.
My Marriage is now a comedy. I like to laugh on a daily basis. Rather than cry romantically. So that’s a brief review. Hopefully more to come (with Humor)!

Love you all!

I wouldn’t have had this incredible journey without having all of your support, your stories, and your wishes.

From Olivia & Andy:


Olivia, Peace & The Olive Tree | www.mstruonganh.com

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