too tired to try for oneself?

Too tired to stay but too scared to leave.
I want to gap to pursuit my dream but where do I start?
My parents don’t allow me to gap.
Can u please be my flashlight from this mess?

___ One beloved reader asked me.

Cliche as it sounds, all journey starts at the end of one’s comfort zone.

Such zone include: unsupported family, friends, life, money, or shiz for short.

But none matters but YOU.

The 1st line you say is actually the one that might tell and shed the light for you. “Too tired to stay but too scared to leave.

The problem is you and your mind.
Not parents. Not money. Not friends. Not life.


If you make up your mind that no matter what happen, being alive is still the precious thing, then the noise of all the nonsense will be manageable or suddenly vanish.

Then you will start to make plans to justify to yourself the next moves: what to self-learn, who to talk to, which parttime jobs to take to sustain, which strategy to step-by-step to build YOU regardless of which education institution you take. (Maybe, you realize education doesn’t even the real YOU. So why bother? Why not jump right into the real world & fucking learn the hard way without paying cash tuition)

Then you show and explain to your parents how you have thought through it. How you want to run your life. How they should be worry and proud at the same time.

It is critical that you accept who you are. Then regardless of what others say, you forgive them for not understanding you after your explanation. (They never will most of the time). But you will communicate no matter what to people who care for you. For you love yourself, but you are not a child.

Then you may fuck shiz and move forward;
you will fail obviously; then you learn; then unlearn;
then you may make something.

The dream you’re building is YOU. Along the way, the miniatures you build around yourself called achievements and dreams will be nothing if not built for your acceptance self.

Answer this to yourself.

What would happen (worst shiz you could think of) if you fail?

(Think hard 1 minute)




I hope the answer would be Nothing. Nothing worst happen when you fail (at your stage of life being a sophomore). The worst is when you die. But personally, when you die, you obviously wouldn’t feel any much worse. So there’s really Nothing that happen when you fail.

Fail. So what?

Make YOU.
all over again.
till the rest of your life.

Best of luck,

– An


Olivia, Peace & The Olive Tree |

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