I remember my high school me being ultra aggressive and straightforward up to the point that I even yelled at my boss in public because he messed up my plans.

(I think I accidentally made a few junior fellows cry as well /not my true intention/…)

After all, I only cared about THE WORK. To get the SHIZ done.

I wonder how it’d worked out for me because I could have been trashed by my team members as well as by my leaders because of my bitchy attitude. I was a bitch to deal with. A bitch who could deliver.

Along the years with a few blackmail (no surprise), I learn to treat people better.

Add more humor.

Less sarcastic.

More patient.

The work ends, but the relationships with teams last.

Sometimes, good people don’t deliver.

Sometimes, bad work still earns credits. #Life

After a decade of working with teams, I value people more than /the/ work.

I no longer drill my staffs with questions that intimidate their performance. The WHYS.

I figured out that The HOWS might be better. Like, “How have you been doing the work? Show me so I can help.”

I, then, get more candid responses from my team. Better discussions. Better understanding.

Of course, it doesn’t always work out that nice but 7 out 10 occasions, it does.

The rest 30%, I turn on my /bitch/ mode. Either confrontation with constructive feedback or pure ignorance.

But you know what, it doesn’t really matter if they stay or I leave. Sometimes, the people I could not work with remain my good friends. Sometimes, best staffs fly away. Sometimes, bad boss gave me opportunities to manage up.

I only live once, I’m glad I’ve met both good and bad people.

Cheers for work life!

Summer 2019


Olivia, Peace & The Olive Tree |

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