{My Petit Paris} Day 3: Mickey Mouse. Toys Story. Snow White & More!!!

Nah, you get the idea of where I’ve been to, right? :)

It’s DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!

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Just so you know there are four Disneylands (till now): Paris, California, Tokyo & Hongkong. And don’t confuse Disneyland with Disney World. Disneyland came first yet doesn’t mean it’s the coolest) Disneyland vs Disneyworld ? I don’t know ’cause I have been to only Disneyland Paris but Disneyworld is damn huge (four theme parks, two water parks, 23 themed resorts, the Downtown Disney entertainment zone, and five golf courses @.@)

Anyway,  back to the trip to Disneyland Paris, I was lucky enough to get a discount rate of 50% which only cost me 34 euros (instead of over 70) ’cause I bought it with the school group ticket. I’m sorry but I couldn’t find any further information about the discounts for individuals. If you have any tips, feel free to leave me comments ;)

I prefer having such a trip in late Spring when the weather is a bit chilly & sunny (which I did).  You don’t want to walk under the damn boiling summer day, don’t you. It’s personal but I like it that way. You will walk a lot and drink a lot (even though it’s cold!). That way I could enjoy the whole sunny day without feeling dizzy. If your body fits in the hot weather, summer is great then ;)

One more thing that they have a veryyyyy coooolll parade at around 6 pm. You would notice it since everyone would stop walking and just sitting down all along the sidewalk to save the best spot to see it =))  I felt like 10 years younger honestly lmao

The trip can complete within a day since I only went to try the roller coasters they have (which are not many. Other games are for parents with toddlers/small kids, etc.)

It’s easy to get there by riding the RER A (like Metro but run outside of Paris, faster, fewer stops) – which takes you about 1 to 1.5 hour , depending on where you depart in Paris.

Destination: (Last stop of RER A): Marne-la-Vellée-Chessy (Parcs Disneyland)

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