{My Petit Paris} Day 1. Hot boba tea, Lavrut & Macarons

Pierre Herme's Macaron
Pierre Herme’s Macaron

I was taken to these places on my 20th birthday and to be honest, I was amazed by how close these cute stores were that you only have to get off at one Metro stop (M7, Pyramids) & be able to visit them all. Great location, awesome places & beautiful memories indeed

I first visit ZenZoo Tea House. Omg, I love its Matcha, Hot black tea (you can choose hot/cold actually. Trust me it tastes so good) Azuki Bean & Coconut. Will try more flavors next time. (Note that: Cash/Coins only)

Then Lavrut, art store for all kinds of art supply as well as creative decoration, games, etc. I was like kid in candies land since you already know apart from being a mean business major who only cares about money, I sometimes want to be just a starving artist to play with my own colorful world day and night… “But life’s killed the dream I dreamed”, I should I do =]] There were many other stores nearby selling jewelries, shoes and other cute lil stuffs great for souvenirs as well ;)

Then finally one of the most famous macaron’s brand in Paris: Pierre Herme! They look so cute with 14 flavors! All taste sweet and yummy as well. Right next to it is another “killing” place for me, Brentano’s… Oh my goodness, magnets, notebooks, postcards, clocks, handbags, books, allllll looookkk soooo freaking adorable and obviously, I was trying so hard restraining myself from buying all of that T.T It was hard you know, spending on what you desperately want and then being broke for what you honestly love

On the map lists one more Japanese bakery shop named AKI.  Try their Matcha Tiramitsu XD Super Yummy!!!

Brentano's magnet that says
Brentano’s magnet that says “I decided to be happy because it’s healthy” ;)

Love you guys much. Even though I’m nearly broke and can’t afford tasting and visiting everywhere, I’ll try my best to just… take pictures of everywhere I go then. Man, can’t wait till I have enough money to back here, again, just to enjoy life, no worries about projects, presentation and… budgets.

Enjoy what you’re doing guys, see ya soon ;)

Well you know where it is right!
Well you know where it is right! (Station Trocadero – Metro line 6,9)


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