And it’s alright to be vulnerable…

It was the first time ever in my life that I’ve seen an American guy, with clumsy hair, muscular body shape and chiseled face, suddenly cry in front of the whole class. He was talking about his disabled mother, answering a typical mock interview question :”Tell me a little bit about yourself”

I’m not writing to analyze how tears should or should not be shed during such situation. I was incredibly amazed that life at such moment was surprisingly bearable and beautiful when such a strong person could not help crying like that. At least to me, I feel that not that everyone in this world has been turned emotionless by the cruel passage of time and the evil treatment of life.

At least, being vulnerable does help…It allows closed relationship and true sympathy to blossom…regardless of who we are and what we are…

It is a very interesting philosophy of life I’ve truly experienced myself and amazingly, I’ve found scientific proof of that, a talk that enlightened my night yesterday called “The power of vulnerability“. If you have ten minutes to spare for your tiring soul, please watch…

and allow yourself to cry a bit more

to actually live more, love more and believe more…



Olivia, Peace & The Olive Tree |

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