Personal Tips [2]. Traveling and Living in the United States [Updated 2016]

Hope you find my first post on the same topic “Personal Tips [1]. Packing and Living in the United States” useful. A friend of mine just asked me a few questions regarding one of the biggest issue about booking flight tickets online so I think it would be much helpful to share more information in this 2nd post for you guys


This tip works best if you have AT LEAST 2 MONTHS before your desired date of departure.

* Wait till every Tuesday/Wednesday to search for available tickets. Weekend is the time when everyone has free time to start searching for tickets so prices are usually high.

* Again, choose to fly on Tuesday/WednesdayDon’t choose your desired flying dates on the weekend. Again, everyone usually prefer those days  so you gotta do the opposite.

* Search any cheap flights AT ONCE on Momondo. They compare flights from good sites such as Student Universe, CheapOair and so on.
* Want to observe a visual price change throughout an entire calendar, go check Google Flights to decide your travel dates if you’re unsure. It’s easy to test what I say so feel free ;)

II. My Preferred Airlines ? 

1st Choice: Fly with Asian airlines because their food is great! Yummy Hagen daz ice cream, snacks, yoghurt. I’m a big fan of desserts fyi.  I’ve traveled with: ANA, Japan Air, Korean Air, Vietnam Air, Cathay Pacific. 

2nd Choice: If not go for Emirates, Qatar. I flew with them too. Efficient service with automatic checked point. If you transit more than 8 hours in Dubai, they offer free hotel and free pick-up service from to airport and free food voucher.

NONE any of these unless you have no other choices:
NEVER fly with China Air because their seats ARE tiny and the service sucks. My parents flew with them and never ever wanted the same experience. The price is freakin cheap ($800 roundtrip from Asia to USA is hella cheap) but are you willing suffer 20 hours with leg pain and noisy passengers?
United Air only allows one checked bag (Cheap ass….) while other airlines allow TWO checked bags at NO cost. Not a big fan of American Airlines as well. Still, much better than the Chinese rival. 

– Updated as of February 2016.

Feel free to comment or share more of your own tips ;)


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