Personal Tips [1]. Packing and Living in the United States as an international student

WWoooopppp!!! Congratulations on your admission results. Let’s PACK and PREPARE :D

The information provided below is based on my personal experience only. Use it at your own risk :”> But I confidently provide them though since those have been proved and tested carefully :P

1. Do not buy textbook from the school bookstore. NEVER RENT one either!!!

You can always  buy a one online with WAAYYYYY cheaper price than the renting rate. Thus, renting a book is the most foolish thing ever since you have to return it no matter what and end up getting none of your money back. Buy it then you can sell it later to your fellow classmates

Also, look for the previous edition of your textbook, especially for business majors since the only differences among business books are the news and current event updates. There’s nothing change in the content.
But watch out for science textbooks then :)) Go ask and check with your professor if you can :)

Real personal story: My business txtbook 10th edition last semester was only $3 on Amazon instead of $130 buying the 11 edition in the bookstore =]

Places you can buy your books online:

No.1: AMAZON.COM (omg, I LOVE ITTTT) Remember to set up your Amazon account under your student account to receive Premium 2-day-shipping feature for your freshman year

No. 2: (When Amazon doesn’t have it, go for this one. But usually it’s more expensive )

2. This sounds stupid but dorming is…. luxurious and damn expensive!!!

Moving out is half the price. Right now I pay $1440/month for room and board and meal plan which is as expensive as staying in a 4-star-aprtment with gym and swimming pool

3. What to pack ? Hot sauce & Northface!

Personally I’d prefer you should bring your favorite hot sauce. ( Xin lỗi câu này nói tiếng Việt kẻo tụi Mĩ nó chửi nhưng mà hot sauce của nó dở tệ lậu =,=). Buy 1 Northface jacket at TAKA Plaza at $30 instead of buying the same one at $300 in the US. It’s super warm so don’t worry. However, it’s huge and makes you look like a movable pillow =,=

Therefore I’d suggest you go for a Uniqlo one. It’s light, freaking warm, damn pretty and much cheaper than the Northface, starting at only $80 ;) Note that Uniqulo is available only in New York City since It has just opened for nearly half a year. Online purchase are not available yet but soon to come :D

Boots? Not really necessary to buy boots before you come to the United States since they have sales for shoes, boots with really great deal right before winter 1-2 months.

NO NEED A LOT of clothes! A few decent ones enough for you to go to school, to gym, to party. College parties are not that awesome as you watch on TV or movies. Thus, most of us are not 21 yet so, REAL parties are still farrr wayyy unless you have fake IDs /:) Hence, we have Black Friday and sale offs ALL THE TIME so don’t worry if you’re running out of clothes.

Noodles? This is obvious =]] Plus “Cháo ăn liền” incase you get sick and can’t digest any slices of pizza or burger :(

Bring common medicines. (cảm cúm ho & so on). It’s hard to find a 24/7 drugstore & I’m sure if there is, you can never WALK during the middle of the night when you’re feeling sick!

4. Other favourite food I usually buy in the United States:

Korean Instant Rice – The only thing you need to do is peel the cover a little bit, put it in the microwave with NO water added and after 2 mins, you’ve rice just as “xôi”. It’s delicious :D

This can be bought at H-mart or on Amz if you can’t find any nearby Hmart

Meatball – This one actually tastes like “thịt nướng” as you usually eat back home ~XD~, bought at Stop&Shop only. I haven’t seen Walmart or Target has it

:D Hope you find this writing piece helpful!

If you have any other tips, PLEASE SHARE by CLICKING this LINK and submit your TIPS. I’ll collect those tips and publish them with your name and testimony with it ;D

THANK YOU ;) Have an awesome journey ahead!!!


Olivia, Peace & The Olive Tree |

5 thoughts on “Personal Tips [1]. Packing and Living in the United States as an international student

    1. Thôi từ từ rút kinh nghiệm àh. T pack cũng còn ngu lắm, pack lúc nào cũng lố kí mà toàn đồ ko có xài =)) Lo adapt đi tắm biển đi cưng =D Chụp hình cho t xemmmm vớiiiii


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