And so, I have to keep myself balanced…

At different age, people have different worries, regrets and dreams (of courses) but one usually tends to circle around their own issues and gets stuck in their own troubles. Simply, you know yourself best and therefore understand what you’re struggling best so why bother thinking about what others are having in their minds. But have you ever wondered about what kind of deep sorrows that the elders have in order to get yourself a sense of direction and of encouragement for your challenging future ?

When I was a high school student at a public gifted school, all I wanted to achieve was getting into a US college, thinking that it’d be the perfect destination ever and once I got in, I’d have nothing to worried about my future, my career and so on

Now I’m a college student & my American dream has come true.  Still, I have another dream of yearn for. The United States is a good destination, not a perfect one. You’ll soon realize and feel the pain of being an international student. Not because you don’t have your parents besides nor anyone who speaks your native language but the shortage of opportunities for you to accomplish what you could have achieved.

I used to believe that my future would be “safe” with my choice of major, my capacity of creativity, leadership and communication, my parents as best tutors and my worldwide potential connections. But ever since I sensed what others are worrying, things started to change. My belief is still with me that the future is bright but I’ve got no clue to firmly choose what road to take.

You may worry about your admission results

and I’m worried about my major choices and what I’m going to do with my future career directions

My brother-in-law is trying to find a way to go back to grad school. Why does his dreams bother me ?

Because eventually, it’s going to be mine. I’ll also graduate, get a job and start a family (hypothetically) and of course want to get to grad school. Because as soon as it comes, I’ll face the same problems as he’s facing now: funds and opportunities are scare, unfair and even hopeless.

It shakes your dignity and your belief in what is called fairness and equality. It’s not obvious that the better is always the one to be chosen. It’s money that always matters whether you agree or not.

Sadly, the truth is that your income and career are all set at the moment you was born. All you can do is to make the best out of it because you have no other choices and so do I.

Don’t get angry with people when they change their native name but do it when they feel ashamed of it

Don’t get upset with people when they’re not coming back to serve their home country but do it when they look down on their own people. 

Don’t criticize people when they change their nationality but do it when they turn back against their own cultures

Everyone deserves the rights to gain advantage to achieve what they could have got because the game is never fair or maybe it would be when everyone is having the same advantages  

You don’t always have to be fair but be honest

Be yourself, keep moving on, and do whatever to get what you want with pride


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
― Albert Einstein


Olivia, Peace & The Olive Tree |

2 thoughts on “And so, I have to keep myself balanced…

  1. I share with you those worries, I have the same ones. But the important thing is that I admire your spirit to overcome all and make everything balance :)
    KeeP moving and you will meet success ahead :D


    1. Thank you.. :)
      Such spirit comes from comments from people like you for my lil blog and I hope what I share somehow would make a lil different and enlighten other people’s lives…

      Have a great life yourself babe :*


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