50 Fresh And Useful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials


Vector Retro Television

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a stylish retro television in Adobe Illustrator. You will learn how to draw basic shapes, modify them and apply gradient and gradient mesh for more realism. Hope you enjoy this illustrator tutorial.

Creating Scalable Textures Within Illustrator

In this tutorial artist will show you a way to achieve texture in your vector art without the need of raster assistance.

Create a Green Viscous Text Effect

In the following tutorial expand an existing font, use illustrator’s 3D tools to add dimension, and then add a green viscous text effect. If you want to add a fun, vector text effect to your portfolio, then get started now.

How to Create an Inspirational Poster Design

In this tutorial we will create a poster in the style of PSA.

Make a Headphones Icon Using Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a realistic image of headphones using simple and understandable techniques. It turns out that to get a good result there is no need to do it in a complex way. This tutorial is easy for any beginner to complete.

Create Winter Festival Brushes in Illustrator CS

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a holly, ivy and a berry brush to create a Winter Festival wreath. The brushes aren’t limited to this and can be used in pieces of vector art and decorations.

How To Create a Beautiful Vector Portrait in Illustrator

Follow this step by step tutorial for the making of my first vector art portrait of Tron Legacy’s Quorra. Learn how the portrait is carefully traced and vectorized in Adobe Illustrator to create an interesting vexel style design.

How To Create a Mexican Lucha Libre Mask Pin Badge

Follow this step by step Illustrator tutorial to create a Mexican Lucha Libre inspired badge design.

Create a Cute Vector Reindeer Character in Illustrator

Follow this step by step process to design a cute little vector reindeer character.

Creating pins in Illustrator

Pins are popular these days, In this tutorial, you will learn how to create pins in Illustrator.

Create Grainy Textures

Creating grainy textures are great for retro illustrations, typography, and logos. Alternatively, you can incorporate these effects into compelling new styles. You can always scan in similar textures and Live Trace them in Illustrator, but you can pretty easily create this type of effect all inside Illustrator!

Creating Seamless Textures

One of the great things about using the techniques in this tutorial is you can easily create a seamless texture without having to mask out a texture or make sure it will fit your artwork properly. Moreover, we are going to be using to Appearance panel so we can easily make a graphic style, making it easy to apply the effects to other text and vector objects.

Create A Mouthwatering Chocolate Covered Strawberry

In this Illustrator tutorial you will learn how to create a mouthwatering chocolate-covered strawberry.

Design an Underwater Clown Fish Tutorial in Illustrator

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a beautiful clown fish illustration inside Adobe Illustrator CS4. This is an intermediate tutorial and it requires some pen drawing skills. Let’s begin.

Create a Classic, Sailing Ship in Illustrator CS5

In this tutorial artist will show how to create a sailing ship illustration with a story book style, using the Gradient Mesh to make the cloth of the boat’s sails.

Make a Delicious Sandwich with Easy 3D Illustration Techniques

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a 3D sandwich using easy to understand steps and techniques. We will use the 3D Extrude & Revolve Tool with some simple shapes to make a tasty looking BLT sandwich.

How to Create a Three-dimensional Airplane with Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a detailed three-dimensional image of an Airplane based on two two-dimensional plans. The knowledge acquired will help you to simulate a three-dimensional image of many different complex objects.

Getting Carried Away with Balloon Lettering

If there are balloons near by, you’ve probably had or will be having some fun. I love balloons! So in this tutorial I will cover the process of creating some illustrative shiny balloon lettering. You will also learn how to create rounded, semi-transparent, bubble letters that will make up the basis of the balloon lettering. Let’s have some fun!

Create a Tiger Striped Cat with Illustrator

I’d like to have a cat here in Krakow but there’s too much responsibility attached to such a pet. Until I decide to put up with that, vector cats will have to do. Here’s how to create one in Illustrator.

How to Make Super-Sharp, Vector Swords

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to draw a sword in Illustrator, using the Rectangle Tool, gradients, and other Illustrator tools. Actually the tutorial isn’t very hard, let’s see the final result that is our goal first!

Cafe Style Coffee Art in Adobe Illustrator

In this Illustrator tutorial I will explain step by step how I created the “Delicious Coffee” illustration which was published in “1000 Restaurant, bar & café graphics” by Rockport Publishing.

Create Lady Birds Insect Tutorial Using Adobe Illustrator

Lady birds, is there any other insect that symbolize the prosperity and freshness of the nature more? You can find these cute being almost anywhere and they won’t ever cause anything but cheers. In this tutorial artist will show you how to create a cool lady bird using Adobe Illustrator.

Create an Illustration of a Pearl-Filled Clam on an Ocean Bed

In this tutorial, we will create a shell with pearls in a unique ocean scene. We’ll be using various effects, such as: mesh, blend, warp, clipping mask, opacity mask, depth of sharpness, editing of swatches, and pathfinder box. Have fun diving in and then surfacing!

Reflections Done Right – Creating a Money Roll Icon

Cash-in when you follow this tutorial for creating accurate and logical reflections. Artist will cover how to use shading and masking to create an illustration that’s worth the look.

How to Create an Elegant, Vector Pen in Illustrator

In this tutorial, artist will show you how to draw a vector pen, in an elegant box using Illustrator. We’ll pull out the Pen Tool, Rectangle Tool, and gradients in this one. Let’s see the final result which is our goal.

Create a Valentines Day Illustration for Your Sweetie

In this tutorial we will learn to create a cheerful character and lovely, colorful bubbles. Use this knowledge to create a darling Valentine’s Day card for your sweetie. We’ll cover numerous techniques and build this illustrations step by step.

How to Make an Attractive Vector Butterfly

In this tutorial artist will show you how to make a vector butterfly using the blending mode from transparency box and the gradient mesh. The techniques shown in this tutorial will help you make shades on objects and liquid transition of colors.

How to Illustrate a Marvelous Violin Icon

This tutorial covers how basic shapes and a solid understanding of perspective and volume work together to quickly build a successful icon.

Create a Laptop Icon with Illustrator

In this tutorial you can learn to create a laptop icon. Once you’ve created the basic shapes, it’s easy to continue with the other components. Give it a try and you might learn some interesting stuff about the role of Smart Guides and Rectangular Grid Tool.

Vector “Guarantee” badge tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to make those awesome, shiny little web 2.0 badges that say ” Money back Guarantee”, “Satisfaction Guarantee” and etc. Good thing about these badges is that if you use them on a website, you’ll make the website look much more trusted and professional.

Design a Dexter Vector Illustration

In this tutorial we will learn how to Design a Dexter Vector Illustration.

Create a Feather Brush and Set of Detailed Wings in Illustrator

In this tutorial artist is going to show you how to create a feather art brush. You’ll then learn how to use it to create a set of angel wings, which can be added to your illustrations.

Create a Glowing Neon Sign using the Appearance Palette – Screencast

This tutorial shows the potential the Appearance Palette in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll be building an elaborate neon sign, utilizing the Appearance Palette to speed up the process and remove the need of drawing complex paths.

Vector Drums Kit

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a professional drums kit from scratch. By the end, you will know how to make a tripod stand, drums, different types of cymbals and also how to create the texture for the drums. Hope you will find this easy to follow and useful. Enjoy.


Creating convincing liquid effects in vector illustration can be a tricky business. Luckily, Jing Zhang has provided us with this tutorial that shows you how to make a real splash with your art.

Disco Lights in Illustrator

Here is a nice technique to make 3D Disco Ball or Lights in Adobe Illustrator. Some new commands and technique for you to work out. So enjoy.

Learn to Create a Variety of Beveled Lettering

In this tutorial artist will walk you through creating your own calligram inspired by a dog named Poppy. You’ll learn how to manipulate a typeface through to rendering fur, adding doggy features, and various details.

Create a vector stop watch icon

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a vector stop watch icon in Adobe Illustrator. The tutorial is covering all the steps needed to create a great looking, realistic stop watch. Only the basic tools in Illustrator such as Ellipse, Rectangle, Gradient and transformations are used to achieve the result you see here.

Create a Painterly Apple with Illustrator CS5’s new Bristle Brush

The new Bristle Brush in Illustrator CS5 gives you the best of both worlds: The painterly effects of real media and the control and flexibility of a vector drawing. We’ll use another new feature in CS5, the “Draw Inside” drawing mode, which will let us do what every artist likes to do — color outside the lines. Let’s get started!

Create a Print Ready Business Card Design in Illustrator

Illustrator has fantastic tools available for creating small print designs such as business cards. Follow this walkthrough on how to create a fun business card design complete with illustrated character.

How To Create a Repeating Camo Pattern in Illustrator

In this tutorial artist is going to show you how the camo designs were created and how the pattern file was made so it would seamlessly repeat.

An Illustrator’s Project: From Start to Finish

In this tutorial, artist will walk you through the steps of how to create an illustration art piece so that you can witness what goes behind a digital illustrator’s work, as well as gain some new insights for your own projects’ workflow.


This tutorial shows you how to create a shield design with Path Tools using Illustrator

Create an add to cart/basket/bag button

In this tutorial artist will show how to create one of the most common buttons. He made three buttons with similar design but different icon and text. Follow this fast tutorial and you will learn to create an add to cart, basket or bag button.


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a graffiti in inkscape.

Retro 3D Arcade Text Effect in Illustrator

In this tutorial we’ll make clever use of Illustrators built in 3D capabilities, gradients and opacity masks to design a Retro 3D Type Effect.

Creating a Mysterious Cheshire Cat in Adobe Illustrator – Vector Premium Tutorial

In this detailed tutorial you will learn how to manipulate a reference image to help with your initial illustration and how to use custom brushes to create a fur effect.

How to Create Candy Cane Typography with Photoshop and Illustrator

In this tutorial we will create a superb candy cane type design using Illustrator and Photoshop. Apply this effect to your own text and create cool and unique Christmas cards!

How to Illustrate Deliciously Realistic Grapes using Simple Techniques

In this tutorial we will learn how to illustrate a bunch of grapes using basic Adobe Illustrator tools. You will learn how to render multiple light sources and how to model a complex object using simple shapes and techniques. Let’s get started.

How to Illustrate an Elegant Bottle of Wine in a Gift Box

In this tutorial you will learn how to create your own gift box of wine using the Rectangle Tool, Pen, 3D Revolve and Gradients.

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