Instant Yummy Phở XD



What do we need?

A thermo pot

700g Beef Chuck Flat

700g Beef bones

10 packs of instant Phở noodle (including soup powder)

Vegetables and lemon extract

Duration: 2 hours of cooking (excluding the soup preparation time)

Silly Formula:

[Soup Powder + Noodles Phở+ {Real Soup + beef + vegetables} = Your damn awesome bowl of Phở Noodles

Things you find in any pack of Instant Phở Noodles]

Things you have to cool and prepare yourself } 

Here’s how we cook Phở: 

– 2 hours of preparing the {Real soup} ( longer time, better result actually): Put the bone into a large pot with water. When the water is boiled, take the pot out and keep it covered during 2 hours (or overnight if you want – that’s what I did to have the best soup).

By doing that, you only boil the water once and don’t have t watch out the pot for a long time since the thermo pot can keep the heat and continue to “cook” the soup without burning any extra gas

– 1 hours preparing the vegetables (wash them and select the parts that you can eat) and cut the beef into flat shapes

– 1 hours of serving just exactly like the way you cook your instant noodle. Keep and use the noodle Phở and its soup powder that come along in the pack of noodle only. Remember that without the soup powder, it’s no longer taste like Phở =]]]

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