Hello … 2012, calmly and quietly


I couldn’t believe that I started to hate the city life, so loud & so notorious. After all the fun, it just made my reality become so unreal that I couldn’t help wondering  “Did it really happen?… Did I really laugh …”

I’ve been tired of shopping, of talking, of laughing, of hanging out, of clubbing, of everything I thought that the kind of person like me would never ever lose the interest

Yet, I did.

I was left out in people’s conversation. It was not their fault since It was just a mere age gap. It was not the right crowd for me even though it was a cool one.

As a result, I kept texting and holding on to my phone all the time. 

I even sacrificed a karaoke and clubbing night right at the time for new year celebration.

And I haven’t regretted the decision ever since

I did taste all kinds of alcohols, from beer, wine to liquor and bombs. Yet, still daddy’s good girl without being drunk. I did dressed up, hoping to get loud and crazy. I did enjoy the food, from Japanese BBQ to Thai green curry. I talked; I ate; I laughed; I shopped; I tried my best to fit in…

But I’m sorry, New York City & Downtown Chicago, you’re awesome but  now I don’t like you both. The beauty I saw was just merely a mess underneath the glamorous veil which hadn’t not been fully uncovered.

The States, after all, seems to have everything but nothing at the same time…

Therefore, I’m planning to leave. No more breaks in the States, sadly. However, my Vietnamese passport is so “powerful” that travelling visa is required everywhere I want to go.

Guess I have to learn how to love you more, “America” 

*Grab up this confusing, lame and silly 1st year note:

On Jan 1st, 2012, I pride myself in doing the things that I really wanted to: talking to a person I love, searching for the places I wanted to go even though the conversation ended suddenly and my traveling plan ended up at nowhere…

Well, It seems that New Year Eve to me sound pretty bad, doesn’t it. Is it me or just s1 else talking … 

Have I changed? …


New Year Self-reflection – an uneasy feeling of not being myself…but my true one



Olivia, Peace & The Olive Tree | www.mstruonganh.com

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